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HOLY CATS!  Thanks, TPP, for the shout out!!!

I’ve listened to every single Three Patch Podcast.  They’re terrific.  If you haven’t listened to the TPP, you should!  (You can find them here.)  But because life gets crazy, I rarely get to them when they first come out.  

So imagine my surprise, then, when I’m driving to work this morning and, as I’m listening to the opening segment of February’s TPP, I hear Emmagrant01 mention this blog. WOW! I couldn’t believe it.  

Thanks, Emma and everyone, for the nod.  NOW I understand why I had a sudden burst of new followers at the start of the month.  :-)

And for those of you who came to this blog for the meta curating / aggregating: I promise I’m still working on it. I spend a bit of time every day and then, once I’ve gathered a bunch of metas, I update the existing posts and create new ones.  (I try to post every 7-10 days.)  It’s slow work, sometimes, but it’s a genuine pleasure to be reading and aggregating the wonderfully smart meta composed in this fandom.

Kisses to you all, lovely fandom friends!

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    Yes, much thanks to the Three Patch Pod Cast. Without them, I would wade through my horrible thoughts alone.
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    Thanks for all the work on the meta. It really is a terrific resource.
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three patch podcast emmagrant01 wow! thank you!!!!